You do not need to be rich or have a big house, all you need is love for the children

Mr and Mrs Esaka

Do you remember the story of Ruth, our first ever foster carer?

Foster care is such a vital part of making sure that children never need to go near an orphanage, even when they are at their most vulnerable.

Foster carers provide safe and loving homes while social workers try to trace birth families, or look for longer-term alternative care or adoptive families for children.

We’re so happy to share with you that our community of loving foster carers has now grown thanks to the new district panel we’ve created and trained in Tororo, in collaboration with the Government of Uganda.

We caught up for a quick interview with two of them.

Mr and Mrs Esaka are local church elders who have fostered before. In fact they’ve dedicated their lives to leading and nurturing the youth in their community, and they now join Ruth in opening their hearts and home to fostering with Child’s i Foundation.

All you need is love for the children 1
Foster Carer Ruth playing with Esther (L) and baby Ethan (C)

What made you decide to become foster parents?

Mr Esaka: “I was brought up by my relatives, they took care of me and we all grew up together as a family. I love the feeling of closeness when a family is together. I just have that love for children and I embrace them.”

Mrs Esaka: “My husband is an orphan and was fostered. Someone took care of him. In the same way we take courage and initiative to help children who are needy.

“For us, fostering is a gift from God. He opened our hearts for children. It is our joy and heart to have and give them a family. We just had an urge in our hearts and a conviction that we should extend our hearts to not only family but also other members of the society, especially children because we are blessed.”

Tell us a little bit about your experience with foster care?

“We have been fostering since we got married in 1994. Our first foster children were three years old . Their mother had left them at a young age and they did not have anyone to take care of them. We took them in and raised them as our own.”

How many children have you fostered?

We have fostered 7 kids so far. We are looking forward to welcoming and providing a loving family to more needy children in our community.

What has been the most enjoyable and life-giving part of being a foster parent?

“We have gained so many friends, and have had people all over our community approach us and ask us why we foster. We have used this as an opportunity to educate them on why children in our communities should grow up with families instead of taking them to the orphanages. We are so happy to see that the children we have provided a family to are now grown-up and have started their own families while others are working.

We’re glad to have you with us as foster carers for Child’s i Foundation now! What advice would you give to others considering it?

Just open your hearts and homes to children. Fostering is a rewarding experience.

You do not need to be rich or have a big house, all you need is love for the children.

All you need is love for the children 3

Mr and Mrs Esaka are one of 7 new families approved by our new Panel for long-term fostering and adoption with Child’s i Foundation.

This is a huge milestone for Child’s i Foundation on our journey to making sure every child in Uganda gets to grow up in a safe and loving family home and not an orphanage

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