Elius and his wife Mariam’s love for fostering stems from their childhood experiences. “My religion encourages us to support those unable to support themselves,” Elius shared with us “When you support children, you get blessings from God because children need a helping hand, they are innocent humans.” 

Elius’s wife, Mariam had a difficult upbringing which has motivated her to take care of children in need. “I did not have a good support system when I was growing up, no one supported me so I did not want another child to go through what I went through,” Mariam shared. 

The couple expressed their interest in fostering. After an assessment conducted by the Child’s i team, the couple was approved by a government-run panel that includes their peers, and other representatives. 

Elius and Marian were matched with Ryna. Ryana had a difficult and challenging upbringing and was placed in their care for protection. She was placed with the couple when she was only seven years old, it has been three years, and Ryna is now 10 years old. She is thriving under Elius and Mariam’s care. 

“Ryna has brought so much joy into our family, we enjoy doing house chores, reading the Quran, and going to the mosque for prayers together,” Elius shared with us.  The couple has received support with essential items such as food and household supplies to care for their family. 

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