“We love Ryna,”

Elius and Mariam’s commitment to fostering is deeply rooted in their childhood experiences and the values instilled by their faith. “My religion encourages us to support those unable to support themselves. When you support children, you get blessings from God because children need a helping hand; they are innocent humans”, Elius emphasised. 

Mariam’s challenging upbringing has fueled her determination to provide a supportive environment for children in need. She revealed, “I did not have a good support system when I was growing up, no one supported me, so I did not want another child to go through what I went through.”

Expressing their interest in fostering, Elius and Mariam underwent a comprehensive assessment with the support of our dedicated Social Worker. Following the assessment, the couple received approval from a government-run panel. 

The couple’s journey led them to Ryna, a seven-year-old with a difficult past. Placed in Elius and Mariam’s care for protection, Ryna has thrived under their guidance over the past three years. Now, at the age of 10, she has become an integral part of their family.

Elius shared, “Ryna has brought so much joy into our family. We enjoy doing house chores, reading the Quran, and going to the mosque for prayers together.” The couple has received essential support, including food and household supplies, to ensure the well-being of their growing family.

Elius and Mariam’s story stands as a testament to the transformative power of love, compassion, and commitment to fostering vulnerable children. Through their dedication, they have not only provided Ryna with a nurturing home but have also created a harmonious family environment filled with love and shared values