“We are happy to have James as our own, he is a blessing”

“We have always wanted to foster,” Fred and Norah shared with us when we paid them a visit. “We live with and take care of some of our grandchildren. We love our big family; it is always full of chatter.”

The couple, both pastors in their community, expressed their interest in fostering. After an assessment conducted by the Child’s i team in Wakiso District, the couple was approved by a government-run panel that includes their peers, and other representatives. Following a few months of waiting, they were matched with James. “Our social worker provided us with extensive preparation and training. They supported us throughout the entire process,” Fred told us.

James was placed in the loving care of the Irumba family when he was one year old. “Our children were overjoyed to meet James, and they warmly welcomed him into the family.” However, James had experienced significant trauma that had adversely affected his developmental milestones and overall health. “When he first came to live with us, he was very shy and would often remain quiet. He had a limited preference for certain types of food,” shared Norah.

It has been eight months since James joined the Irumba family, and he is thriving and growing in a nurturing environment. “We have witnessed a remarkable transformation. He is coming out of his shell, enjoys playing with his siblings, and has developed a broader taste in food. We are grateful to have him as our own; he is a blessing, and we cherish our time with him,” shared Fred.

The couple has received support with essential items such as food and household supplies to care for their family, as well as income assistance to enhance their pig-rearing business.