“We all love Daisy as a family”

As May draws to a close, and another month battling the Coronavirus pandemic has gone by, we wanted to make sure to take the time and celebrate Foster Care Awareness month. Without the love and commitment from foster carers across the globe, countless children would be left without the loving care of a family.

Do you remember the story of Mr. and Mrs. Esaka? We wanted to update you on how this couple, who have dedicated their lives to leading and nurturing the youth in their community are doing since they were approved to be foster carers.

When we last spoke to the Esakas in February last year, they were looking forward to welcoming and providing a loving family to children in need in their community. Late last year in October the Esaka’s welcomed Daisy into their family.

Daisy was placed at one of our partner orphanages at only four years old after she was found alone at a bus park in the middle of the night. We worked together with the orphanage, the local community, and the Government to search for Daisy’s family, but we couldn’t find them. Without any known biological family, Dasiy was placed in long-term foster care with Mr. and Mrs. Esaka.

We recently spoke to Mrs. Esaka and she told us that Daisy is doing well and she is healthy. “We all love Daisy as a family. She has grown up so quickly since she came to live with us,” Mrs. Esaka told us, “she has learnt our language, she loves helping around the house and sweeping the compound. She also loves to play with her brothers and sisters.”

After three years of living in an orphanage Daisy has found love and safety in Mr. and Mrs. Esaka’s care. It has been seven months since Daisy was placed with the Esakas and she is flourishing into a happy child. She is growing up in a safe and loving family surrounded by people that care for her.

Top image: Mr. and Mrs. Esaka