Transforming grandmothers’ lives through entrepreneurship

At Child’s i Foundation, we recognise the invaluable role grandparents play in nurturing and caring for children, especially when parents are absent or have passed away. The Grandmother Project being implemented in partnership with Nyaka Global is a community-based support system focused on providing assistance to grandmothers who are caring for at-risk children, whether they are biologically related or not, including those in foster or community care.

In May 2024, a remarkable transformation was celebrated in Luwaala village, Mpigi district. Thirty grandmothers graduated after six months of training in the Street Business School entrepreneurship model which aimed to economically empower these resilient women, enabling them to better provide for their grandchildren.

Our dedicated staff, trained in the Street Business School model, delivered a comprehensive eight-module curriculum to the grandmothers. The training offered practical entrepreneurship skills to  start or enhance their own businesses, ensuring they can generate income to meet their families’ needs. The modules covered essential topics such as stepping out of comfort zones, securing capital, bookkeeping, customer care, business planning, and saving strategies.


“The module on book keeping has enabled me to track my expenses and also supported me during the budgeting process for my business,”

Immaculate Nakyanzi


“Before starting my business, I had no prior training on entrepreneurship and I am glad that I had the opportunity to participate in the training,”

Namugenyi Mayi

While addressing the graduates, the Community Development Officer, Kigozi Edward who also doubled as the Chief Guest of the day, urged the graduates to embrace government programs like the Parish Development Model (PDM) to support them as well to enhance their businesses.

In this pilot program, 60 grandmothers were chosen from a pool of 480 grandmothers to participate in the Street Business School entrepreneurship model. Through initiatives like this, we aim to scale up and equip grandmothers we support with the skills needed to boost their household income and provide a stable, nurturing environment for their grandchildren.  The success of the grandmothers in Luwaala village  is just the beginning of a brighter future for many families under our care.