Together, we are supporting families to thrive through this pandemic and beyond
Over the course of the last few weeks, we have worked tirelessly to adapt our work to ensure we continue to keep children safe. The Government of Uganda has extended its country-wide lockdown to keep the public safe and to stay and stop the spread of the virus. While these efforts are proactive and welcomed, the economic impact is severe – especially for those who were already in a vulnerable position prior to this pandemic. Our organisation’s Coronavirus response continues to be strengthened by the tremendous help from you – our supporters – who have given time, love and money to make sure that families continue to stay together during this difficult time. Our social workers are consistently touching base with families through calls and text messages, making sure they have what they need and encouraging them to support their families. Our network of trained and trusted community volunteers are able to deliver food to families in their own communities who are facing challenges, giving them a lifeline of support during this time of isolation. Community volunteers continue to be on the frontlines of our work, and we need them now more than ever – together we have supported over 242 children from 106 families in the past few weeks.
Apollo’s family, is one of the families that has received food support during this period of countrywide lockdown. Apollo and his wife Florence are young parents with 5 children.
Due to the lockdown, Apollo, a farmer has lost his income and can no longer provide food for his family. Their last-born daughter, Alice, is only six weeks old and has cerebral palsy, making it even more challenging for the family to take care of her needs during this time.
“I thank you for the support you have given us to help us take care of our family, most especially our six weeks old last born daughter during this difficult time,” Apollo shared with us.
Last week, because of your generous support, one of our volunteers who lives near Apollo’s family delivered packages of food as well as formula milk and feeding bottles for Alice to boost her immunity and help her remain healthy.
Hellen’s family also benefited from your generous support in the same town. Hellen is a mother of 5 children. Her third-born child, Agnes is living with a disability. At 12 years, Agnes cannot talk, walk, sit or stand on her own. Even after several surgeries, Agnes still requires round the clock care. Child’s i has supported the family, including providing Agnes with a wheelchair to ease her movement.
However, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Hellen has lost her income and cannot feed her family, especially Agnes who requires constant supervision and a specialised liquid diet of porridge and milk. One of our volunteers who lives near Hellen delivered packages of food including porridge and milk to help the family stay healthy during this time.
Your generous support during this time is helping hundreds of families, just like Apollo’s and Hellen’s to care for their children – and not have to make the heartbreaking choice of placing their children in an orphanage.
Thank you so much for your generosity.