The Seeds of Tomorrow

This March, join us in planting seeds to make sure children in Uganda grow up in strong and loving families.

Donate today and get your packet of seeds to get you started.

As Spring whispers its arrival with the budding of the first flowers, we are rolling up our sleeves for something truly special.

This March, we are getting our hands in the soil to sow the seeds of tomorrow and to give families in Uganda the tools they need to raise happy and resilient children.

Donate to the Seeds of Tomorrow appeal today and we will send you a unique gift — a packet of seeds.

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4 out of 5 children growing up in institutions in Uganda have a family member. Family is the best place for a child to grow up.

We are building community structures to make sure children can be supported in their communities and grow up in safe and supported families, instead of orphanages.

Together, we can reach and support families who are struggling to keep their children safe and healthy and make sure they have everything they need to provide a loving family home.​

Ryna is now in safe and loving family home

Ryna’s story begins in a tough part of Kampala, where life wasn’t easy for a little girl on her own. Her early days were hard, living with her grandmother, where she faced many challenges instead of feeling safe and loved. But Ryna’s life was about to change for the better.

Thanks to your support, we placed Ryna with an emergency foster family. They gave Ryna the care and warmth she needed during a difficult time. Thanks to them, Ryna found a place where she could feel safe and loved. People like you make it possible for us to help more children like Ryna every day.

We worked hard to find Ryna’s biological family, leading us to her uncle Julius. We helped prepare Julius and his family to welcome Ryna into their home. After a couple of meetings with our social work team, Julius was ready to take Ryna into his family not just as his niece but as a daughter. “I want Ryna to be happy, to learn, and to grow up well”, he shared.

For Ryna, being with her uncle Julius and his family meant starting a new life filled with hope and opportunities. It showed that no matter how tough things get, having a family can make all the difference.

Ryna’s story isn’t just about the struggles she faced but about finding happiness, belonging, and the power of family love.

Donate to the ‘Seeds of Tomorrow’ Spring appeal today and help more girls like Ryna find their way home to a loving family.

🪴 £20 buys a visit from a social worker to make sure they are safe and well

🪴 £50 funds a food, hygiene and bedding care package to a family

🪴 £100 could pay for a seed grant for a family to start a business

Please note that donations raised through this appeal will be allocated where the need is greatest, ensuring smooth operations and sustained support across all our projects to make sure we’re making a lasting impact.