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Join our global network of people who are on a mission to transform the way we care for children in Uganda. Your monthly gift will support children, families, and communities to make sure every child grows up in a safe and loving family.


The Giving Circle

A gift of 10,000 shillings  a month can go a long way in supporting a family to stay together when they need it most. It can place a child from an orphanage into a loving family, where they belong. It can transform a community so that children get the opportunity to enjoy the childhood they deserve. One donation  can make a world of difference.

What Your Investment Will Do

In one month, at 10,000 UGX, you can provide a meal and drinking water for a family.

In three months, at 30,000 UGX, you can provide a weeks worth of fresh milk to a baby.

In one year, at 120,00 UGX you can provide emergency medical care for a family in need.


Be a part of a community

By becoming a part of the Giving Circle, you are joining a community of like-minded and committed individuals who understand the importance and lasting impact of children growing up in families, not orphanages. 

Secure a safe future for children in Uganda

Monthly gifts enable us to invest in specific areas of our work, expand our programmes and innovate because we know that our efforts are being backed up by the Giving Circle community.

Get a front seat to our work

The Giving Circle community is part of our family – you will get exclusive updates, meet-ups with the team, and special gifts along the way!

Once you join The Giving Circle,
you will receive...

Present Green

The Giving Circle welcome pack to start you on your journey

Envelope Yellow

Quarterly progress updates full of stories of how The Giving Circle community is making a difference together

Blue House Family

Exclusive updates, photos and videos of the families and communities you are supporting

The Giving Circle

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It is as easy as signing up with your bank, or giving monthly via mobile money!


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Child’s i Foundation 
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MTN Momo Pay
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