The evolution of a grandmother: Mayi’s story

Namugenyi Mayi is a jolly fifty-eight-year-old grandmother from Mpigi district. As a leader of the Luwaala Grandmother group, she is a pillar for grandmothers. She has championed many efforts to support the empowerment of grandmothers in her area.

Mayi is one of the 30 grandmothers trained in the Street Business School entrepreneurship model that was conducted by our trained team of committed social workers. The training aimed at empowering grandmothers with the necessary skills needed to generate income to take care of their grandchildren and families.

As a cocoa farmer, she had not received any prior training in entrepreneurship but had used the knowledge she acquired from various exhibitions to venture into cocoa farming. “I have been piecing together the different knowledge acquired from the exhibitions to run my cocoa farm,” she shared.

What stood out for Mayi In the comprehensive eight-module curriculum was the module on “Getting Out of  Your Comfort Zone.”

Initially I was hesitant to get into irrigation as encouraged by the government in order to get harvest throughout the year but after the training, I gained the confidence to register for an irrigation program and I am happy to share that I will soon start irrigation on my farm,” she shares.

With the guidance of our committed team of social workers, Mayi was also enlightened on the importance of continuous research for the growth and prosperity of her business. She shares that she is currently making research on chocolates as she would like to venture into making chocolates.

"The training has been very useful to me especially when it comes to diversifying my business to increase my income. It has also strengthened our bond as grandmothers as we keep on supporting each other. This has built our confidence as individuals and as a group,"
Namugenyi Mayi

Mayi’s story is one of the many stories of the evolution of grandmothers in Mpigi district. As a leader, she has been inspirational and supportive of her fellow grandmothers.

The Grandmother’s Project implemented in partnership with Nyaka Global, is a community-based support system for children at risk of separation. The project provides assistance to grandmothers who are caring for these children, whether they are biologically related or not (such as in foster or community care). 

We support these grandmothers to form savings groups, where they can access funds to start or expand businesses, meeting household needs more effectively.   In a recent pilot program, 60 grandmothers were selected from a pool of 480 to participate in the Street Business School entrepreneurship model training. 

Through such initiatives, we are committed to scaling our efforts, equipping grandmothers with the skills necessary to enhance their household income and create nurturing environments for their grandchildren.