Sumaeya: A dedicated advocate for women and girls and a champion for mental health

Sumaeya is a dedicated and compassionate advocate for women and girls, particularly those who are marginalised and facing challenges. 

As a social worker with lived experience of growing up in an orphanage, she understands the importance of support and guidance for those in need. In her role as an adult support worker at the institution where she grew up, she offers counselling and guidance to young adults, helping them fulfil their potential and overcome their challenges.

Recently, Sumaeya attended a mental health training organised by Child’s i Foundation as part of the youth wellbeing project. The training aimed to educate social workers about trauma-informed approaches and involved using a toolkit called Breaking the Cycle for mental health, emotional resilience, and community wellbeing. This training had a profound impact on Sumaeya and she gained a better understanding of herself and others as a result.


Inspired by the knowledge she gained, Sumaeya has committed herself to using the Breaking the Cycle toolkit and her experiences to support care leavers. 

She believes that every social worker should have a good understanding of mental wellness and should use trauma-informed approaches. 

Sumaeya also plans to use her passion for blogging to educate her community about mental health and the importance of addressing it by sharing the experiences of youth in care.

In addition to her role at the institution, Sumaeya is already making a difference in her community through her internship role at Catholic Relief Services and her active membership in the Association of Care Leavers Uganda. Her goal is to empower others and to promote mental health and wellbeing for all.