A big gift can go a long way

Find out how you could contribute towards a Uganda free of orphanages by making a significant gift

Philanthropy is one of the most powerful tools to make a long lasting change to the lives of children and families in Uganda. We work together with our key supporters to make sure their support to our work is aligned with their philanthropic interests to ensure the best giving experience.

Why Support Us

With over 10 years experience and an international reputation for advocating child rights, Child’s i Foundation is uniquely positioned to create a blueprint for sustainable alternatives to orphanages. Our achievements are built on strong strategic partnerships with philanthropists and global changemakers, each exclusively developed and executed to make a significant difference to the lives of children and families. 

Plus, you will get…

A one of a kind, personally tailored trip to Uganda to see firsthand the impact of your support.

An exclusive invitation to an annual dinner with founder and CEO Christopher Muwanguzi

Bespoke updates on Child’s i Foundation programmes and effectiveness and new and upcoming initiatives.

How your support can help

Utilise personal networks to recruit more supporters and advocates to further Child’s i Foundation’s cause.

Host at least one networking and fundraising event for Child’s i Foundation each year to raise awareness about our alternative care as a way forward.

Provide skilled expertise to help us achieve our vision.

Let's Create Impact Together