Partnering with Smile African Ministries to Reimagine and Repurpose their Orphanage

“For the first time I realised I wasn’t doing the best thing that would help these children in their future lives. God knew what I was doing with a clean genuine heart but with a lot of ignorance.” – Pastor Rut.

These are the words of Pastor Ruth who runs two orphanages in Tororo, Uganda

Over the past 6 years in Uganda Child’s i Foundation has proved that it’s possible to place a child in a family but together with the district authorities of Tororo we want to show it’s possible that we can transform a district to eliminate the need for placing children orphanages

We are very proud to be partnering with Pastor Ruth and Smile African Ministries in Tororo. They run two orphanages and provide care to 66 children and provide support to nearly 700 children and families in the community.

Pastor Ruth thought she was doing the right thing but last year at a Government workshop she watched a video about a young adult who had grown up in care saying he never felt he belonged or was loved in the orphanage because the staff were paid to look after him. She had a revelation but she did not have the technical know-how to safely transition children into families.

Pastor Ruth is committed to closing her two homes and working with the Child’s i Foundation team to ensure that all the children return to their own families or alternative families, in a safe and supported way; and developing a service to support thousands more children and families in her community.

The team lead by David Adoke, have been deployed to Tororo and they are undertaking assessments on the children and families to decide where is best for them and we will keep you updated on the children and families lives you are helping to transform.

Image: Our Project Coordinator, David Adoke after signing an MoU with Pastor Ruth.

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