Our time is now –Our rights, Our future

Gone are the days when a girl child was discriminated against, neglected and denied a chance to live just a normal life. Girls were denied rights to inclusion, participation, inheritance, education and expression. They were treated with no value after all “they belonged to the kitchen”.

 With no voice for girls came a very big number of uneducated people in the community, early marriages/childbirth, domestic violence, polygamy and easy spread of deadly diseases like Gonorrhea and HIV/AIDS. This led to stunted economic growth and high mortality rates. There were no alternatives for girls but to face all the troubles and tortures helplessly. 

Even though there are parts of the world where girls are being discouraged from participating in some activities, we can say that a girl child has been given a free way to a bright future, thanks to the girls/ women activists who learnt from the mistakes and made life possible for girls.

Several girl children have emerged successful and have surpassed imagined levels. This has proved that a girl child can succeed and be as important as a boy child.

Girl’s rights have been successfully advocated for, projects and plans have been drawn to elevate a girl child. Girl child, the ball is in your hands to enjoy your life, participate in programs and projects as well as plans that highlight your life, lift up a girl today and don’t leave any girl child behind.

Our time is now to make our future brighter and enjoyable for a girl child.