Our Impact

We are building a lasting change, so that families are protected and kept together – long after we are gone.

Our 2019-2023 Impact

2023-10-Prevention-Nasolo Aidah-Mpigi (16)

children reached and supported through community development networks


orphanages repurposed into community hubs to address the root causes of child separation

Kite Child Uganda-100

children were transitioned out of orphanages and into safe and loving families

2023-10-Jackie Nassali-Mpigi (4)

community volunteers were volunteers trained and supported to make sure their communities are safe and thriving

Our Latest Impact

We’re helping to reimagine the whole child protection and care system, repurpose orphanages and rebuild services at the heart of communities that are designed to strengthen and support birth, foster and adoptive families.

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Transition Stories 

We have demonstrated that partnerships with duty bearers and community can enable quality alternative options for children outside family care.

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2023 – 2030

Today, having demonstrated how children can and should always grow up in families (not orphanages), we are ready to scale our impact



families reported to have improved capacity to care for their children

Stories of Impact

Consigning orphanages to the history books starts with you

Your gift will ensure that every child in Uganda is given the chance to grow up in a family – safe and loved

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of every pound goes directly to our programme activities