Meet Sarah

Meet Sarah one of our foster carers. Sarah’s love of fostering stems from her own childhood experience. I love children and I was supported when growing up. I   want to give the same chance and hope to another child who needs a home,”

With three grown-up children who have since left home, Sarah felt her nest was empty. “I decided to foster to adopt Evalist and provide him with a family of his own,” Sarah shares as she lovingly holds Evalist in her lap. “He has filled my home with so much love and laughter.” 


Evalists’ Mother could not take care of him due to mental health challenges and he was placed in long-term foster care. He has had two foster families since 2015 before finding his forever home in Sarah’s heart and home who is now fostering to adopt him. 

Sarah expressed interest to adopt and after an assessment was carried out by the Child’s i team, she was approved to adopt by a Government panel. After a couple of months wait, she was matched with Evalist.  Our social workers supported Sarah throughout the process, training her on what to expect during the approval process and preparing her to welcome Evalist into her home. 

Evalist has been in Sarah’s loving care for three months. As an education specialist, Sarah shares that Evalist is fitting right in. “I’m very happy and I think that he will be comfortable and fit right in here with us. I am planning to enroll him in a nearby school.” 

We are excited to see Evalist grow and thrive in Sarah’s care.