Meet Kato

“During my childhood, my parents used to care for children who were not our biological siblings, we loved them as our brothers and sisters, when I got married I knew that I also wanted to care for children in need like my parents,” Kato shared with us his motivation for being a foster carer. 

Kato’s wife Ramba is one of our community volunteers in Makindye Division, she trains and educates families on the importance of children growing up in families.

“My wife and I attended one of the foster care training in my village organised by Child’s i Foundation, after the training, we sat down and discussed with my wife and we decided to foster,” Kato shared.

The couple expressed their interest to foster and were assessed by the Child’s i team in Makindye Division, they were then approved by a government-run panel that included their peers, and other representatives, and soon, they were matched with Jeremy. 

Jeremy’s mum was a young mother and could not take care of him. At five months he was placed with Kato and Ramba for care and protection. It has been five years since James was placed with Kato and Ramba.  He is growing up well and is thriving under their care “We have seen Jeremy grow up from being an infant, meet all his milestones to now being a healthy, loving boy who loves going to school. He has added so much joy to our family,” Kato shared with us.