Meet Joseph

Joseph and his wife Lydia were motivated to foster care due to their childhood experiences. At their young age, before they met as a couple, they both lived with children that were not their biological siblings and that is how they developed a love for children.

They got to know about fostering through their village chairperson and expressed interest to foster. They were trained, assessed and approved by the district alternative care panel as foster care parents. After a couple of months of waiting they were matched with Mosh.

Mosh was placed with Joseph and Lydia for care when he was only one year and a half. He had undergone significant trauma that had adversely affected his developmental milestones and overall health.

“Mosh has learnt how to talk, his favourite words are daddy and mummy,” Joseph laughed as he shared with us. After a long day at work, I  look forward to his hugs and smiles welcoming me at home.”

“He is a joyful child and such a quick learner. His siblings love playing with him. They love to carry and hold him. Ever since he joined our family, his siblings know that they have a baby brother.” Lydia shared. 

The couple underwent a series of training on foster care which enhanced their knowledge of how to care for Jeremy. “The training taught us to care and love our children equally, the rights of children especially engaging them in decision making and how to parent,” Lydia said.

Child’s i Foundation has supported the couple with essential items and an income-generating activity of reeling chicken to help them take care of their family.