Rhoda has found a new loving home

Sights of children are playing dodge ball in the compound as we approach the home of Pius and Margret. The children are full of joy, running around in one accord, speaking the same language.

“Look at Rhoda,” Mr Obonyo points to one of the girls with a huge smile on his face and excitedly tells us how she has learnt the local language.

“Rhoda has been a happy, friendly, fast learning and caring child since becoming a part of our family,” Pius Obonyo excitedly mentions.

Rhoda was found alone in a village when she was 1.5 years old. With the support of the local Probation and Social Welfare Officer, she was placed in emergency foster care while our team of social workers were looking for her relatives. This process is more commonly known as ‘tracing’.

Tracing involves our social workers visiting the location of where the child was found, putting up flyers, liaising with the local community and Council, and placing both radio and newspaper adverts.

Unfortunately, these efforts were fruitless and after 6 months of intensive work, Rhoda’s case was presented at the National Alternative Care Panel and she was approved for fostering to adopt.

Earlier this year, it was Mr. Obonyo’s family that were matched with a 3 year old Rhoda. Married for over 20 years and with 3 boys and a girl in their family, they have always desired to have another girl. They both expressed their interest to foster to adopt back in 2019, when Margret heard about Child’s i Foundation from a local Community Volunteer. After discussing it with her Pius, they both agreed they had the capability of providing a loving home to another child.

With the support from the social workers, bonding sessions were arranged and after the placement process was completed with the help of the local Probation and Social Welfare Officer, Rhoda was placed in her new loving home.

Rhoda has been in the care of Pius and Margret for over 3 months and the girl is thriving. She has adjusted well to the new home environment and is slowly learning the local language. The family feels blessed to have welcomed her into their home.

“My compassionate heart to extend help to those who need it is my greatest motivation for fostering,” says Margret, while exclaiming her love for children. “God has blessed me, so I choose to be a blessing to others”.