“Let’s see the good in them”

The youth stage is so far the most important stage in an individual’s life as it is when their future can be clearly defined through exploration and decision making. This is where an individual totally decides on what they want to become and how they are to achieve and live their dreams. 

Youth that have come out of institutions are far from this ideal, as all that they know and understand as the real world, is that which has been initiated or introduced to them within the institutions. 

Depending on the situation and environment in these institutions, some careleaverss may actually persevere in the outside world, while the others might become frustrated with their lives and society. 

The question is; How many of our care leavers can actually have success stories? And do we fully understand their stories or just take it for granted that they are just like any other person in our midst?

In our midst, a care leaver on the outside is just like you and me, but the difference is that their inner being is full of gaps, unresolved issues, shortfalls and untendered wounds. These, if not resolved, might force them to make unrealistic decisions that might be harmful to them and society. But this does not mean that their lives can not be turned around for better. So what can we do?

As parents or caretakers that receive youths from institutions or by any other means; by reason of deceased parents or so, let us embrace them as they come and also accept them for who they are. This in turn can help them accept themselves and their circumstances and be willing to change their lives for the best.

As society, we do not need to judge them but simply see the good in them and the contribution they can make in transforming our society. We can choose to correct their mistakes and work on developing their strengths and talents. 

We have to be ready to offer them possible help and assistance where necessary to prevent further damage.  Any positive thing that is done for these youth, can be extended positively to their peers and other people, hence a stable society.  

Let us continue working together to rebuild the lives of the youth to further create better communities and a safe and stable society.

Rosalyn Kigoonya,

Social Worker,

Child’s i Foundation