Kirabo’s gift of family to two sisters in need

The case of Precious and Matilda is a testament to the power of foster care in transforming the lives of vulnerable children. Their story highlights the importance of providing children with the resources they need to succeed. It also shows the importance of support in the community and how this can help create a safe and stable environment for children.

Precious (9 years old) and Matilda (4 years old) were placed in care with Kirabo Sanyu, a foster parent in Wakiso District. In the year 2021, Kirabo’s family took on responsibility for Precious and Matilda after their mother who had initially gone to the hospital did not return for them. Consequently, Kirabo’s family provided care for the two sisters.

Kirabo, who was abandoned by her mother at one and half years, was raised by non-biological parents. This experience inspired her to give back by taking in abandoned children. “I was brought up by people who weren’t my family,” she said, “so the only way to show my appreciation is by taking care of kids who need a family.”

She attended a foster care training which built on her knowledge and skill in parenting. The children were enrolled in school and their school fees and other requirements were taken care of. The two children are doing well in school and in the community. 

Kirabo’s family has responded to emergencies related to children in the community and has extended the knowledge gained from the training to teach others about parenting continuously, “the training helped me to understand that the children need to be listened to, loved, cared for and shown affection through engaging them in decision making on their lives.” 

The training further helped her love her children equally. The community is appreciative of their kind-heartedness.  The Social Worker has been overseeing their development and offering the family counselling along with essential support. Precious and Matilda are currently flourishing in Kirabo’s care, experiencing the warmth, support, and guidance of a family, and their future appears promising.