Keeping children with disabilities safe amidst the COVID19 pandemic

The pandemic has had far-reaching effects on families in Uganda. The 2nd wave and subsequent 42-day lockdown since mid-June 2021 have led to further loss of income for households putting a further strain on already very vulnerable families.

We have put emphasis on supporting families of children living with disabilities. We were honored and humbled to partner with 17-year-old Nicole who generously designed and distributed 70 masks to children whose parents were unlikely to access protective gear for their families.

Nicole visited some of our families of children with disabilities and distributed the masks. “It is such a joy to see the children so happy, they will be able to protect themselves from the virus,” Nicole shared with us “The world needs to protect children, I am glad to make a difference in their lives.”

Elijah is one of the children who received a mask. His mother Lamula could not hide her joy when Elijah received the mask. “Thank you so much for your help, Elijah can now protect himself from catching the virus.”

Elijah was diagnosed with cerebral palsy a few months after he was born. We have supported Elijah with an assistive device to help him move safely and independently. Thanks to our supporters, we supported Elijah’s mother with a small grant to start a retail shop in her neighborhood to enable her to take care of her family.