Gather up a team to complete 500 miles in one month, symbolising the power of community in raising a child.

It takes a village to raise a child. Form your village and join our fundraising challenge starting on the 1st of June and running for two months until the end of July.

Team up with your loved ones, friends, or community to undertake this challenge together, embodying the very essence of shared responsibility in raising children.

Whether you run, walk, cycle, or engage in any activity that inspires you, your participation is a step forward to ensure children grow up in safe, thriving families within supportive communities.

Signing up is simple

Choose Your Challenge

Select an activity that you’re passionate about and set your goal for 500 miles. Need  some inspiration? Check out the ideas listed below.

Gather Your Team

Gather friends, family, or colleagues and unite for this challenge. Doing it on your own? Join Team Child’s i   for support.

Fundraise & Share

Set up your fundraising page, share your journey on social media, and inspire others to join the challenge.

Need a hand signing up? Get in touch with me!

My name is Leia and I am the lead coordinator for this challenge. Get in touch anytime for support with setting up your fundraising page,  forming a group, choosing a challenge, updating your progress  or raising funds. 

Please do share regular  photos and updates of you are getting on with your challenge. If you need any assistance, please email me at 

By participating, you’re contributing to our work in creating family care solutions, preventing separation, and advocating for child rights within community settings.

At Child’s i Foundation, we are building a blueprint for sustainable alternatives to orphanages: truly social services run by and for communities to strengthen families and support them to raise their children, as well as finding new foster and adoptive families for those who need them.

We are a child-focused organisation. It is important to us that children’s rights are protected and their voices are heard. We work with the government, to empower communities to put children first and to create systems and structures that prevent the unnecessary separation of children

Need some ideas to get you started?

Walk or run

Collectively walk or run 500 miles over the course of a month. This could be done in smaller increments daily or weekly, with participants tracking their distance. 


Set up a hiking challenge where participants aim to complete 500 miles of hiking in local or national parks.   


Gather your team to swim 500 miles over the course of a month, either in pools or open water. You can track the progress on your fundraising page.


Set up a cycling challenge where individuals or teams aim to cover 500 miles in a month, either on outdoor trails or using stationary bikes.   

Are you a company looking to enhance teamwork and employee engagement?

Dive into the “It Takes a Village” challenge, where your team can collectively complete 500 miles in a month, fostering unity and making a tangible difference in the lives of children in Uganda.

Interested? Contact event lead Leia  Ryan  at to learn more