“I will work hard to keep my children in school so that they achieve their goals and become responsible in the future,” Namazzi.

Namazzi was involved in a car accident in 2019 that left her unable to walk for a while. Her husband, who was the main bread earner, looked after her for a while but then left, leaving up to 9 months of rent arrears and no food in the house to feed her two boys. 

Fortunately her neighbors and community supported her with some of the basic needs, but it wasn’t enough. Namazzi also faced the possibility of being evicted.  

“One day, Chairman, together with Councillor Bwire and Madam Rosalyn visited me. They talked to me and assessed mine and my children’s wellbeing,” Namazzi

During the first lockdown in Uganda which started in March 2020 our Social Worker, Rosalyn Kigonya worked with a community volunteer to support the family. Community Volunteers are trained and trusted members from the community, up-skilled in child protection, and family support, they  monitor children and families, reporting and referring  safeguarding issues to local services. 

Through a collaborative approach that included the Child’s i social worker, the community volunteer and elected councillor  Namazzi and her sons were supported with a relief food package, and rent.

The children were supported with educational materials for learning continuity including reading and writing books,  since schools were closed. 

She was also supported to set up a small business in the form of a kiosk ( a small shop) and psychosocial support. “Madam Rosalyn has been checking up and giving me moral support. Together with other parents, we were trained on how to sustain our families through profits earned from our businesses,” Namazzi said to us.

Namazzi and her sons are very happy to be where they are right now because what was not possible then, is possible now. The children are in school, they can have at least two meals a day, and all their other basic needs are met.. Namazzi has been empowered and is confident that she can raise her children no matter what.