“I love seeing children find their forever homes”

Harriet worked with us in our babies’ home, when we closed it she volunteered and was trained on being a foster carer.

She has been a foster carer for a little over  ten years now. “I love children a lot, I want to give them a family,” Harriet shared with us.

“I love fostering especially children who have delayed milestones, it gives me great joy to see them come out of their shells.”

Harriet has been a foster mum to nine children. “I have seen the children I have taken care of develop faster and be more confident,” She says. “I love seeing them find their forever homes or be reunited with their families. Of course, it is a little sad when they leave, but I know that they have found their forever homes and I can be able to take care of another child that needs a home and unconditional love.”
Currently, Harriet is taking care of Evelyn. Evelyn was left at birth and was immediately placed in emergency foster care for support and protection.
Evelyn is now five years old and has grown into a happy child. She is soon going into long term foster care. “She loves to play, sing and dance,” says Harriet.