“I love my grandchildren”
Nambi is a doting grandmother to her 15 grandchildren. After losing 4 of her 6 children, Nambi had to take on the role of a mother to make sure her grandchildren had a loving home to grow up in.
Two of Nambi’s children died in car accidents and two of her daughters passed away while giving birth. However painful losing her children was, Nambi did not give up. She channeled all her energy into making sure her grandchildren had food, clothing, and remained in education.
“It has been tough but we have become even closer to each other as a family,” Nambi shared with us. “We are there for each other.”
Despite her efforts, Nambi found it difficult to take care of such a big family and there were times when she found it very difficult to cope.

“It was tough at the beginning, dealing with the loss of my children. I had no income to take care of my grandchildren who were now under my care.” She sadly says. “I cried every day and was depressed, while also trying to be there for my grandchildren more so with the youngest who was just newly born.”

One of our trained community volunteers who lives near Nambi connected her to Child’s i for support. Hilda, our social worker, designed a care plan for Nambi’s family that included psychosocial support.

“I have walked with her on this journey, regularly visiting her and calling her to check in on her and let her know that she is not alone,” shared Hilda.
Because of the generosity of our supporters, we were able to help Nambi purchase 5 piglets and a charcoal stall.
Raising pigs is a great way to earn an income in Uganda – once the piglets grow and start giving birth, Nambi can sell some of them and grow her farm with the rest.