I have always been motivated by innovative projects and teamwork

In 2021. Susan Ajok joined Child’s i family as the country Director. We caught up with her as she assumed her role and she shared insights in her new role and vision for Child’s i Foundation. 

Susan was experienced in public health, child programming and an award-winning approach to championing the rights of children in Uganda and the world over.


Who is Susan Ajok?

I am a public health and adolescent development specialist. In the past 22 years, worked at Straight Talk Foundation leading various programs targeting children and youth in Uganda. I like to encourage, engage, and equip others to believe in the possibilities to thrive professionally.

What motivates you?

As a development worker, I have always been motivated by innovative projects and teamwork because it enables me to accomplish complex tasks that contribute to the organization’s mission.

What’s your biggest life question now?

My biggest question is about where I will be personally and professionally in the next ten years, given the current turbulent times.

What has working with children taught you about life and yourself?

Having worked with children for over 20 years, I have learned that everyone has a role to play in supporting children whether or not they are your own. I have also learned that each child is uniquely made with unique needs and we should always understand the context of their lives as we serve them.

Are you currently reading something interesting?

Oh yes, I am reading ‘Who Do We Choose to be?’ It is written by Margaret Wheatley. This book challenges leaders like me to take center stage during turbulent times such as what the world is experiencing. It further encourages leaders to embrace leadership as a noble profession that restores hope and humbleness in the middle of increasing fear and turmoil.

What’s the most profound thing you have learnt recently?

The COVID 19 pandemic has emerged with unprecedented challenges and threats to humanity. I have learned to value the gift of life and family.

As an accomplished career woman with an impressive resume what advice can you give to a woman reading this interview?

I would advise them never to underestimate their potential to excel personally and professionally. We are not all designed to be Chief Executives, we are not all designed to be doctors but we can unleash that hidden potential within us. 

Secondly, women should never be afraid to take risks. The biggest barrier that hinders women from growth is that we fear to try and fail. We learn from our mistakes.

Child’s i is about families, what are your best memories growing up in a family?

In our family, we were raised as ordinary children by hardworking and loving parents. We did not own much but we did experience the harsh realities of life at that time including armed conflict. My best memories growing up in a family was mealtime with everyone at the table. Irrespective of the meal served, it was a moment for the family to connect. We also shared roles in doing the house chores. We were allowed to experience the best childhood including our parents participating in important activities concerning the children at school and home.