“I felt like the world was against me”: supporting families facing mental health challenges

“I felt like the world was against me,” Aidah shared with us. “I did not have anyone to help me, not even my friends,” Aidah’s husband left her and their four children a year ago now.

“It was so hard when he left, we had no food, no rent, and no one to help me take care of my children.”

For months Aidah would lock herself inside her house wondering what she would feed her children.

“I was so stressed, I thought of just disappearing and leaving them in the house alone,” she said in a whisper as if scared of her own words. “But I knew I would not be at peace if I left them alone, they are my blood.”

Luckily, George, one of our community volunteers, met with Aidah and connected her to Child’s i Foundation. We were able to give Aidah the help she needed through regular visits and wellbeing support.

We also supported Aidah and her family with rent payments for the next six months and food to help her take care of her children.

“I am thankful for the support, but most importantly, I am thankful for the counselling that I received from George. Just having someone to talk to about my situation helped me relieve my stress.”

“George would visit me almost every day, we would talk and I felt someone cared about me and my family,” Aidah smiled. “I no longer feel depressed.”

“George helped me to be strong for my children. He talked to me about the importance of my children growing up with me. Had I not received the counselling from George and the support from Child’s i, I do not know where my children and I would be”.

Because of the support of our community volunteer, Aidah and her four children are now thriving and staying together.

Find out more about how you can join in the efforts of supporting more families like Aidah’s to make sure children are growing up in safe and loving families.