“I am happy to have my son back home!”

Making families is at the core of the work that we do. This was no different when baby Samuel (not real names) was reunited with his father and paternal aunt one sunny afternoon. 

At the age of just three months, Samuel’s mother, struggling with mental health challenges, was  unable to provide the necessary care for her infant son. In a moment of desperation, she left him outside what she believed to be a relative’s home, hoping that the family would take him in and offer the care she could not.

Concerned community members discovered Samuel and took swift action to ensure his safety. They reported the situation to the authorities, who promptly intervened. 

Recognising the immediate need for a nurturing environment, Pauline, one of Child’s i’s social workers, working closely with the Probation and Social Welfare Officer, placed Samuel into foster care as they began the search for his family. They were able to find his father who then linked them to his sister; Samuel’s aunt.

Our team of social workers worked closely with Samuel’s paternal family to assess their ability to provide a safe and stable environment for him.   After thorough assessment and preparation, it was determined that his aunt could provide the stable environment he needed, especially since Samuel’s father had to work in a distant location and could not be his primary caregiver.

In June, Samuel was reintegrated back into his paternal family, now under the loving care of his aunt.

I am more than happy to take care of my brother’s son because he is part of my family. I am also excited to finally meet him as I only heard of him while his mother was pregnant,”

-Nambuye Betty 

“I am happy to have my son back home with me and my family through the right and legal procedures”

-Samuel’s Dad

As part of the reintegration process, our social workers and community volunteers will continue visiting Samuel and his family to ensure that he is thriving even with his own family.