I am happy that my children are growing up with me, says Abigail

Abigail and her triplets

You can see the love on Abigail’s face as she watches her three bundles of joy play. “They are my pride and joy; my life has changed since they were born,” she says with a full smile spreading across her face.

One and a half years ago, Abigail gave birth to her boys; Leo, Lucas and Luke. The situation was different then. She was not be able to provide for them. She was, at the time, unemployed and did not have anyone to help her take care of not one, but three newborn babies.

When Abigail’s partner heard that she was having triplets, he left her. This meant that the babies were at risk of being placed in an orphanage. “That was my nightmare,” Abigail says. She sought help from the local community leaders in her area and was referred to Child’s i Foundation for support.

Our social workers worked with Abigail to support her to take care of her babies. Thanks to your support, we supported Abigail’s family with food and clothing as well as giving her training in parenting and nutrition, to enable her to take care of her three sons.

Abigail 2

She also got a small grant to help her start a business to provide for her children. Abigal is now able to work from home selling charcoal and maize, which has provided her income to care for her boys.

Abigail’s triplets are almost two years now and are growing up healthy and happy. “I am happy that my children are growing up with me, they are my pride and joy,” Abigail says.

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