How community networks have helped families stay together during COVID-19

One of our priorities during this pandemic has been ensuring that families in need are supported during this difficult time, especially when their income and livelihoods have been disrupted.

Throughout the pandemic, our community development networks have been key in helping us monitor and support families. Community development networks are the first line of defence in protecting children and supporting families in their own communities. They consist of volunteers and Government officials like police and Local Council officials.

Members are trained on the importance of children growing up in families in order to empower them to prevent family separation. They sensitise, educate and encourage families to stay together and ensure children are not placed in orphanages.

Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, these networks have been key in educating and sensitising families on how to keep safe and avoid catching COVID-19.

“Our trained community volunteers, who are part of the community development networks, have been our eyes on the ground, alerting us on child protection emergency cases and identifying vulnerable families that need support,” says Ruth, one of our senior social workers. “Due to the countrywide lockdown, we have been relying on the community volunteers to help us monitor and support children and families. They have been on the frontline delivering food packages and healthy supplies to families to keep them fed and safe.”

Everyday, we celebrate our network of community members who are key to helping us support families during this difficult time.

Watch the video below and find out more about our community development networks and how they work to keep families together.