Helping Kampala Archdiocese Reimagine How They Care

“The children placed in our care will now have a chance to grow up in families rather than in the orphanages that we have,” says Monsignor. Charles Kasibante, Vicar General Kampala Archdiocese.

Powerful words of Msgr. Kasibante while signing a partnership with Child’s i Foundation to ensure that children in three of their orphanages in Kampala and Mpigi are placed in safe and loving families.

Helping Kampala 1

Msgr. Kasibante (L) and Fred Mukholi (R)the CiF Country Director during the partnership signing ceremony

This is a huge milestone for us as we work towards strengthening families to prevent separation and ensuring that children in Uganda grow up in families and not orphanages.

Mpigi will be our third district in Uganda that we will be working to transform from dependence on orphanages to family based care after Tororo District and Makindye Division.

“More children in orphanages in Uganda will now have a chance to grow up in safe and loving families,” says Eric, our Programmes & Partnerships Manager.

Over the last 10 years, we have worked with the Government, the community and families to make sure that children grow up in families and not orphanages and this expansion is proof that it is possible to strengthen families without needing to place children in orphanages.

Your support is changing the hearts and minds of communities, and orphanages who are willing to repurpose and place children back with their families. This is a huge victory!

We will be working closely with the three orphanages to reunite the children in these orphanages back into the communities. But first we are planning to engage and train the management of the three orphanages on why it is important for children to grow up in families and not orphanages.

Together, dozens more children will grow up in families not orphanages through this partnership.