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Everything you need to create your successful fundraising campaign!

Create Your Fundraising Page

We’re helping to reimagine the whole child protection and care system, repurpose orphanages and rebuild services at the heart of communities that are designed to strengthen and support birth, foster and adoptive families.

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Creating your fundraising page on Enthuse is the easiest way to collect donations for our work. 

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Alternatively, you can create a fundraising page on Facebook. It only takes a couple of minutes to start one. 

Tips on running a successful fundraising page

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When creating your fundraising page, it’s best to start by explaining your connection to the cause and why it’s important to you. Explain, briefly, how the work of Child’s i Foundation advances the cause. This helps potential supporters understand where their money would be going and where it would be used.

Make sure you thank whoever decides to donate to your fundraising page for their time and support.

It is always good to start by donating to your own fundraising page. Others are more likely to give to your page when they see that someone has already contributed. Donating some of your own money also demonstrates to potential supporters that you are serious about helping the cause.

Personalise your fundraising page by adding text, pictures, and video. You can always add links to our  blog posts  and  Youtube videos. Always add photos of yourself too. Your potential donors will be interested in the cause, but they are primarily interested in you. Make sure you tell them why you are getting involved and what your connection to the cause is.


“A child that does not grow up with their parents misses a lot in life. My heart is full that my children are growing up with me because my children are my life, they love me and I love them, they are my best friends.”

Mercy, mum

Safety First

Thank you for choosing to fundraise for us! Here is a list of things to think about to help you plan a safe fundraising event.


There are certain elements that may require a licence: alcohol or entertainment, including recorded music; holding a raffle, lottery or auction; doing a public money collection; putting up banners or signs in public areas. It is always worth contacting your local authority to check which license you may need.

First Aid

Depending on the type of event you are planning to run, you will need to have First Aid available. Please check St John’s Ambulance or Red Cross for more information.


For events for the general public, you will require Public Liability Insurance. Check with the venue first as they may already have insurance that covers your event.

Food hygiene

Check The Food Standards Agency for guidelines around preparing, handling and cooking food. If you are using a caterer you need to make sure they have a Food Hygiene Certificate and Public Liability Insurance.

Collecting money

In order to collect money in a public place, you must get permission and in order to collect in the street, you need a licence from the local authority. Door-to-door money collections are illegal without a licence. To collect on private property, you need permission.

Where possible, it is worth having two people around when money is being handled and/or counted. Make sure you collect cash using a secure cash box. When carrying the money, be with someone and/or carry a personal alarm.

Children at events

Make sure you have enough adults at your events to look after the children appropriately. You must have the permission from a parent or guardian in order to have children present. Adults looking after children should have carried out appropriate checks. More information can be found on the Government’s Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) website. 

Suppliers or contractors

Any external suppliers for equipment or services at your event will need to have Public Liability Insurance and risk assessment. 

Paying in Donations

To pay in your donations, use one of the following ways:

Bank Transfer

Bank name: CAF
Account Name: Child’s i Foundation
Account Number: 00017706
Sort Code: 40-52-40


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Pay your donations by making an online payment using our donation form