From Hope to Fulfilment: Sarah’s Foster Parenting Dream Come True

Sarah has an immense connection with children, finding something special in each one she encounters. She is determined to make their lives better, bringing them joy and a sense of security. Though she dreamt of having her own child, Sarah is pleased to be fostering and giving children the love and attention they need.

Sarah approached the Probation Officer of her area of residence and expressed her desire to support a child. She was registered and later assessed by a Social Worker. Sarah’s prayers were answered one day when the Child’s i Social Worker asked her about fostering a child. She began her journey to acquire a child with a sense of optimism, believing that God had guided the process.

“I was happy the day I met this child, I had waited for her for so long, sometimes I go with her to my place of work since the young ones at home could not take care of her properly” Sarah.

Sarah was very excited and happy to meet the child (Nina) who was one and a half months old. Sarah attests that Nina is an amiable child except on rare occasions when she is unwell. Furthermore, the people in her neighbourhood and her family members are all very supportive, regularly visiting her and gifting her clothing.

To build her knowledge of parenting, Sarah underwent a series of training on the foster care process, child protection and parenting. By taking these sessions, Sarah has been able to arm herself with the skills to successfully nurture a child.

“I have learnt to better interact with children. In case there is an issue I share it with them in a calm way” Sarah.

Sarah and her child have been supported with essential items such as milk, pampers, millet, cassava flour, and soap. In addition, she has been supported with capital to boost her business of food and charcoal. Sarah is confident that this financial support will significantly increase her income and allow her to improve her living standards.

“My business stock has improved more than it has been and I have bought more sacks of charcoal for sale” Sarah.

Sarah holds high aspirations for Nina and desires for her to become either a doctor or a member of parliament. “I declare only good things and I need her to be a doctor or member of parliament” Sarah.

Our Social Worker is committed to ensuring the health and safety of the child. The Social Worker visits the family regularly to monitor the child’s well-being and to ensure that the family is successfully progressing