Fred Is In Need Of A Forever Family

Fred’s story begins in a garden where he was discovered abandoned. A concerned neighbour promptly reported the situation to the police station, initiating a chain of events that would change Fred’s life. In 2016, the Probation Officer, recognising the urgency of the situation, referred Fred to the Malaika Babies Home for immediate care and protection. At the time,  Malaika Babies home run by Child’s i Foundation, was set up to provide temporary residential care for infants and small children awaiting reunification or domestic adoption. Malaika babies home closed in 2017 after the last child was reintegrated.

Upon his arrival at the Malaika Babies Home, efforts were made to locate Fred’s birth family through radio and newspaper advertisements. Despite these attempts, no leads emerged. Undeterred, our dedicated Social Worker collaborated closely with the police, the Local Council, and the community at large to search for any clues regarding Fred’s origins. Pinups and posters were distributed throughout the neighbourhood, and contacts were exchanged with community members, all in the hopes of finding answers.

“We went back to the area where Fred had been abandoned to try and find out if anyone had come looking for the child. We also put up posters, run adverts in newspapers and on the radio for two weeks. No one turned up asking for the child”. Ruth, Social Worker, Child’s i Foundation.


Meanwhile, Fred’s physical and emotional well-being remained a top priority. He underwent a thorough medical examination upon admission, revealing some challenges, including a reliance on his left eye. Nevertheless, Fred proved to be a resilient and joyful child, forming strong bonds with his caregivers and fellow children at the centre.

When Malaika Babies home closed, Fred was transitioned into long-term foster care under the loving arms of Joweria-a community mother. With her support, he thrived, gradually overcoming obstacles and achieving developmental milestones. 

It was also discovered that Fred was autistic, prompting additional support from our Community Nurse and plans for occupational therapy to address specific needs. Despite these challenges, Fred’s cheerful disposition and the stability provided by his foster family have created a nurturing environment where he can flourish.

“Autism presents unique challenges, but with the right support and intervention, children like Fred can reach their full potential. Our goal is to ensure Fred’s holistic well-being, addressing both his physical and emotional needs”. Fridah, Community Nurse.

Today, at seven years old, Fred radiates happiness and has integrated seamlessly into Joweria’s family. He contributes to household chores, enjoys school, and forms meaningful connections with those around him. 

However, Fred’s journey is far from over. He awaits a permanent family who will embrace his uniqueness, provide unconditional love, and support him on his path to a bright and fulfilling future. If you’re a family who’s ready to embrace the unique journey of raising a child with autism, Fred could be the perfect addition to your family.


As a foster parent, I’ve learned that love knows no bounds. Every child deserves to feel supported, regardless of their background or challenges. Watching Fred thrive under my care has been the most rewarding experience. Foster parenting is a journey of patience, understanding, and unconditional love”. Joweria, community mother.

Malaika Babies Home in Uganda, founded by Child’s i Foundation in 2009, underwent a significant transformation from a temporary residential centre to a foster care program, eventually closing in 2017. Recognising the detrimental effects of long-term institutionalisation, Child’s i Foundation pivoted towards nurturing family environments for children awaiting reunification or adoption. By retraining staff as foster carers and collaborating with stakeholders, we championed the benefits of foster care and scaled back our residential facility. Through innovation and community collaboration, Child’s i Foundation has revolutionised care for vulnerable children in Uganda, ensuring they thrive in loving family settings.

Todate, Child’s i Foundation is providing transition support to other residential care facilities and continues to work in close partnership with government at the global, national and subnational level to progress care reform. 

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