Frank’s Journey: Empowering Families in Kabalagala

For a decade, Frank has been a cornerstone of his community, working tirelessly as a volunteer trained by Child’s i Foundation. His mission? To educate and support families, ensuring they thrive against the odds.

A Decade of Dedication

Frank’s journey began ten years ago, marked by a commitment to make a lasting difference. “I have been supporting and educating parents in my community on the importance of children growing up in families,” he shares, reflecting on his decade-long service. Frank’s focus has been multifaceted: from encouraging education to addressing gender-based violence and strengthening community structures.

Transforming Lives: Sarah’s Story

Among the many lives Frank has touched, Sarah’s story stands out. “I met Sarah and she opened up to me about the challenges she was going through,” Frank recalls. Sarah, a mother struggling to care for her children, found in Frank not just a helper but a friend. “At the beginning, Sarah was going through a lot of stress and was depressed,” says Frank. His weekly visits were more than just check-ins; they were lifelines, helping Sarah find her footing again.

Beyond Support: Building Friendships and Resilience

For Sarah, Frank’s support was transformative. “He would come nearly every week just to encourage us, counsel and check on our general wellbeing,” she shares. Through Frank’s intervention, Sarah received essential support, including food, sugar, soap, and more, significantly improving her family’s living standards.

A Community Transformed

Frank’s impact extends beyond individual families. “Since we were recruited and trained as community volunteers by Child’s i Foundation, there is a difference in our communities,” he explains. Before the volunteers’ involvement, issues like gender-based violence, child abuse, and child labour were rampant. But now, thanks to the training and guidance provided, such cases have drastically reduced. Parents are more informed, and the relationship between families and local authorities, including the police family protection unit, has significantly improved.

Frank’s work particularly shines in how he supports families with children with disabilities. “We ensure that families with children with disabilities are supported and they are not left behind,” he states. This commitment to inclusivity and support for all families, regardless of their challenges, is a testament to Frank’s dedication and the ethos of Child’s i Foundation.

A Ripple Effect of Positive Change

Frank’s story is not just about individual success; it’s about the collective progress of a community. His work represents a ripple effect, where empowered families lead to a stronger, more resilient community. Frank and volunteers like him are not just supporting families; they’re building a foundation for a brighter, more equitable future for all in Kabalagala.

In conclusion, Frank’s ten years of service paint a picture of hope, resilience, and community empowerment. His unwavering dedication has not only transformed lives but also reshaped the fabric of his community, proving that with the right support and education, every family can flourish.