Empower our community volunteers with mental health and counselling skills to prevent separation

Meet George, one of our community volunteers who supported Aidah’s family through a difficult time.

George has been a volunteer in his community for the last 20 years. He shared with us how he has been supporting Aidah’s family to get through this difficult time.

“I met Aidah as I was walking around my community visiting families, she told me of her challenges and I connected her to Child’s i for support. I could see that she was under a lot of stress.”

Community volunteers are the first line of defence when a child is in need of alternative care, and are trained to identify vulnerable families and children and educate communities on the importance of children growing up in families, not orphanages.

“I would visit Aidah’s family almost on a daily basis; we would just sit and talk.” George shared with us. “I helped deliver food and health supplies for her and her children and rent for six months.”

The presence of volunteers in communities means that children will get to grow up in safety, with families, because there is someone to watch out for them.

“Most families in my community have no one to talk to and share their challenges with. I always make sure I check in on them regularly to ensure that they are doing okay.”

“As a community volunteer you have to be trustworthy, families need to know that you will not share their information with other families in the community, they don’t need you to judge them, they are already judging themselves for having thoughts of leaving their children.

George shared with us “You have to keep encouraging them, and offer them a shoulder to lean on.”

“I am happy that Aidah is now doing well, she is no longer stressed and she and her children are thriving. When I pass by their home and find them happy, I feel happy too”.

Community volunteers are recruited, trained and supervised by our qualified social workers.

During the height of the pandemic, Child’s i through a network of 425 community volunteers, has reached over 6,000 vulnerable children in their families,105 of whom are children with disabilities.

Find out more about how you can join in the efforts to train more community volunteers like George to make sure children are growing up in safe and loving families.