Community Volunteer Jackie’s story: “I love supporting families”

In the lush, vibrant heart of Uganda, there’s a story unfolding – one of hope, resilience, and the profound power of community.

It’s the story of Jackie, a community volunteer whose dedication and compassion are reshaping the lives of families in her village.

“My name is Jackie, and I have been a Community Volunteer for about 2 years,” she begins, highlighting the duration and depth of her commitment. “Ever since Child’s i Foundation came to our community, we have been able to ensure that our families are not disrupted.”

Two years ago, Jackie embarked on a journey that would not only transform her life but also the lives of those around her. Trained by Child’s i Foundation, Jackie was equipped with the skills and knowledge to tackle the challenges faced by families in her community.

Her mission was clear and profound: to ensure that children grow up in the warmth and love of their families, rather than in the isolation of institutions.

This mission, born from a deep understanding of the importance of familial bonds, has been the driving force behind Jackie’s tireless efforts.

A Catalyst for Change

Jackie’s approach is simple yet powerful: educating parents. “I love talking and educating parents,” Jackie says with evident passion. Working closely with social workers, she and other trained volunteers play a crucial role in responding to the needs of at-risk children and families.

Her work has ignited a transformative change within the community. Parents, once on the brink of making heart-wrenching decisions due to challenging circumstances, now find themselves equipped and empowered to care for their children.

“The biggest change I’ve seen in my community is parents taking care of their children instead of placing them in an institution,” Jackie reflects.

This shift is monumental, a testament to the power of knowledge and support in fostering environments where love and togetherness can flourish.

Beyond Education: A Holistic Approach

Jackie’s impact transcends education. She stands as a pillar of support, offering counsel and advice to women navigating through their struggles.

Her work extends to providing capital to mothers, enabling them to work and provide for their children. This holistic approach ensures that families not only stay together but also thrive.

“We visit women to encourage them and counsel them over what they are going through. We also advise women on what to do,” Jackie shares, illustrating her multifaceted role in the community.

Perhaps the most touching aspect of Jackie’s work is her dedication to those who feel forgotten. “We were taught that we have to encourage them and be their friends when no one wants to associate with them,” Jackie explains. This philosophy of inclusiveness and friendship is what sets her apart, offering a beacon of hope in times of need.

The Future is Bright

As Jackie continues her work, the future looks brighter for the families in her village. The changes she’s spearheading are creating a lasting impact, proving that one person’s determination and heart can indeed make a significant difference.
In a world where stories of despair often overshadow those of hope, Jackie’s narrative stands out as a beacon of positivity and strength. It’s a story of a woman, a community, and an unyielding spirit of resilience that continues to inspire and change lives, one family at a time.