Christmas with Family

Do you remember baby Joey?

After being abandoned in a taxi park at just four weeks old Child’s i Foundation found him two devoted adoptive parents, saving him from a life in an institution without a family to call his own. But Joey had a potentially fatal heart condition which meant he could have suffered heart failure at any time. Thanks to a huge number of generous supporters, we were able to save his life.

“The world came together to save Joey’s life”

Joey was given a second chance and is now preparing for his fourth Christmas with his family. We visited Joey and his family as they prepare for Christmas together.

Desire, Joey’s adoptive mum, says “Family is a place of belonging, where there is safety, love. My dream is 10 years, 20 years from now, there won’t be any child who will be lost without family.”

“If we hadn’t had Joey, our lives wouldn’t have been complete.”

Thank you for saving Joey’s life and so many other children like Joey.

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