“Child’s i Foundation has helped me achieve my dreams”
“I got to know Child’s i Foundation after I left St Michael’s. Aunt Ruth (social worker) called me on the phone and we met up. She told me to write a small budget so she’d start up a small venture for me to engage myself. She helped me purchase a few basic items to open a hair salon – sink, dryer and synthetic hair,” shares Proscovia.
Proscovia was placed in an orphanage at the age of 4 and lived there until she turned 21. Before meeting our social worker Ruth, she worked in a local factory.
“During our conversation, Proscovia shared her plans and ideas, and one of the ideas was to own a business. She did a course in cosmetology and she was passionate about hair, so her desire was to start up a salon. However, she was also struggling and looking for capital to start up her dream business,” says social worker Ruth.
Proscovia’s business was hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. After the lockdown was over, we supported Proscovia to get her business up and running again.
“She decided to diversify and start selling weaves and cosmetics, alongside her hairdressing to attract more customers. It was a good business move and we boosted her business, she’s doing well,” shares Ruth.
Young people with experience of living care often leave the orphanage without much support to start living independently and find it difficult to make connections to realise their dreams and aspirations.
Child’s i Foundation’s social workers are working with young people with lived experience of care to make sure they have the skills, connections and support they need to form strong foundations of independent lives outside of institutional care.
“Child’s i Foundation has helped me in many ways. They have helped me achieve my dreams,” says Proscovia.