Building Bridges for Transition: Insights from our Learning Visit with USAID

Yesterday, our Country Director David Adoke and  Communications and Advocacy Manager Marion Adongo  had the privilege of facilitating a learning visit for the USAID team, an opportunity that proved both insightful and inspiring. 

During their visit, Severine from USAID met with Sister Theresa at St. Micheal’s, where profound discussions unfolded about the journey of transition towards deinstitutionalisation. 

Sister Theresa shared her valuable perspective, emphasising the critical role of the church in altering mindsets towards embracing change.

“Religious leaders need to be aware of the good and harmful practices that are in the homes. We need to engage and build the capacity of church leaders so that they know what is going on. Together we can.

We were also very patient through the transition process. It was good to engage the young people as they budgeted to go into independent living. We had to guide them appropriately.

The importance of patience and guidance during transitions was highlighted, especially in preparing young people for independent living. The conversations extended to the experiences of young individuals, shedding light on their challenges, the support they received, and their progress. A standout point was the necessity of bolstering peer support amongst youth.

Innocent, one of the young  men supported through this project, reflected on the significance of relationships and support:

“What is important in the relationship between the social worker and young person. What is important is time, the social worker gave us time and this made us comfortable. It becomes a bond when it comes to working with young people.” 

Sumaya added to the conversation, focusing on the need for mentorship, mental health support, and financial literacy for young people transitioning out of care.

“Many young people who have left care need  mentorship and mental health support. They need parenting, life skills, financial education and support to start businesses.”

These insights underscore the importance of a community-based approach in supporting the transition from institutional care to independent living. 

At Child’s i Foundation, we believe in the power of collective effort and are committed to working alongside our partners and the communities we serve to ensure every child grows up in a loving family.