A mother’s calling: Maria’s love for fostering

Blessed with a loving family of eight children of her own, Maria’s heart overflowed with a desire to extend that love to even more children in need and she remained steadfast in her dream of fostering.

“I had the idea in my mind to become a foster parent and take care of as many children as possible. So, when I got a home, I wanted to have children live with me.”

Her journey truly began when she attended a training conducted by Child’s i Foundation. It was a moment that felt like destiny unfolding, igniting a newfound sense of purpose within her.

 Empowered by the knowledge gained from the foster care training, Maria eagerly welcomed two children into her home, Issa (2 years) and Joy (just one day old), who were in need of love and care. Little did she know, this was only the beginning of her incredible journey.

Through the challenges of nurturing unwell infants to health and guiding them through their early milestones, Maria’s commitment to fostering never wavered. Importantly, Maria ensured that fostering became a family affair, involving her husband and children every step of the way. Their support and enthusiasm fuelled her determination to provide a loving and stable environment for Issa and Joy Bill.

“My husband calls me to find out how they are doing in case he is not around. He has even named the last born Kirabo (Gift) and we are so happy.” 

The impact of Maria’s selfless dedication extended beyond her own household. Inspired by the love and care his mother showered upon Issa and Joy, her eldest son found his calling in advocating for the rights of neglected children. His decision to pursue a Degree in Law reflects the ripple effect of Maria’s kindness, promising a brighter future for countless children in need of safe and nurturing families.

Maria’s resilience and resourcefulness shine through not only in her role as a foster  parent but also in her entrepreneurial endeavours. She received training in Child Optimised Financial Education (COFE) which enhanced her knowledge on financial literacy. Alongside her husband, she manages a thriving agricultural enterprise where they grow bananas and pineapples, demonstrating that love and compassion can flourish alongside practical success.

Despite the challenges, Maria remains steadfast in her belief in a brighter future for all her children. With support from Child’s i Foundation, Maria looks ahead with hope and gratitude, envisioning a future where Issa and Joy thrive, pursue their dreams, and contribute positively to society.


“The beauty about me fostering is that my first-born son is studying a Bachelor’s degree in Law because he was inspired by our foster children, he wants to advocate for their rights when he finishes his studies.”

“Both Issa and Joy are healthy and are enjoying the warmth of family. Issa now 2 and half months old has started speaking, he calls Maria “mummy” and can ask for things like food easily. Joy made 6 months and is a very health child who enjoys playing with her siblings.

“Child’s i Foundation supported the family with essential food items and clothings”, Maria added. She has hope that all her children will grow, study, prosper and get jobs. 

In fostering Issa and Joy, Maria has not only changed their lives but has also inspired her family and community to embrace the true meaning of family. Through her actions, Maria symbolises the profound impact one person can have in creating a brighter future for children in need.