A heart for children: Rose’s foster care journey

Today, we’d like to share an inspiring story of Rose, a mother and a foster carer, in her own words. Rose’s journey highlights the power of love, community support, and the transformative impact of foster care.


Child’s i Foundation invited prospective foster parents to a training session on parenting. This training was enlightening, covering essential topics such as bonding with the child, maintaining hygiene, and instilling good manners. Armed with this knowledge, I was excited and ready to welcome another child into my home.

After completing the training, I was entrusted with Tom, a delightful young boy. Welcoming Tom into our family brought immense joy and excitement. My family and I quickly formed a strong bond with him, treating him as our own. Tom, in return, integrated into our household, playing with other children and showing affection towards everyone. He often woke up at night just to tell me he loved me, which melted my heart every time.

The social workers provided tremendous support throughout this journey. They regularly visited our home, bringing food items and offering guidance on various issues, including medical care for Tom. Their unwavering support made the foster care experience smoother and more fulfilling.

While caring for Tom, I  faced typical challenges, such as occasional illnesses, which were managed with the support of the social workers. Despite these minor setbacks, the experience was overwhelmingly positive. The community embraced Tom, with neighbours frequently checking in on him.

"Welcoming Tom into our family brought immense joy and excitement" - Rose

Preparation for Reunification

The training sessions had prepared us for the possibility of reunification. Although parting with Tom was emotionally challenging, I understood the importance of reuniting him with his biological mother. The bond we created would forever be cherished, and the experience strengthened my resolve to continue supporting vulnerable children.

Despite the emotional difficulty of saying goodbye to Tom, I am eager to welcome another child into my home. The experience has reaffirmed my commitment to fostering and supporting children in need. I continue to advocate for foster care within my community, believing that every child deserves a loving and supportive family.

As the Vice Chairperson of my area, I actively encourage fellow community members to consider foster care. I emphasise the blessings and rewards that come with supporting vulnerable children. This has influenced many to open their hearts and homes to children in need, showing a sense of collective responsibility within our community.

Our Social Worker Ruth's Perspective

As a social worker involved in this case, I conducted community sensitisations about foster care and, through referrals from the police and probation officer, identified Rose as a potential foster parent. Rose’s enthusiasm and passion for children were evident from the beginning. After a thorough assessment, we found her to be a fit and capable foster parent.

Tom’s biological mother, Brenda, was unable to care for him due to a lack of stable housing and financial resources. At that time, she was attending a catering school, supported by a good samaritan. Even after placing Tom in foster care, Brenda maintained contact, visiting during her school holidays to bond with her son.

Rose’s journey with Tom shows  the power of love and community support. Despite Brenda’s initial inability to care for her son, the consistent contact and support facilitated a smooth transition back to her care. Throughout this journey, Tom thrived, calling Rose “granny” and receiving the love and care he deserved.