of children living in orphanages across the world have a living family member

Orphanages are separating families, fracturing communities, and ultimately harming children.

We know change is hard and scary. There are too many orphanages and too few alternatives. They can feel necessary, and seem like the ‘obvious’ solution, when families are in need. 

At Child’s i Foundation, we are building a blueprint for sustainable alternatives to orphanages: truly social services run by and for communities to strengthen families and support them to raise their children, as well as finding new foster and adoptive families for those who need them. 

In the last 5 years we have

prevented 45,070 children from entering orphanages


orphanages were repurposed into community-based services to address the root causes of child separation


foster carers trained to provide a safe and loving home to children in need


children were transitioned and placed into loving families and community-based alternatives to give them the best childhood


community volunteers trained and supported to respond to families in crisis and ensure the safety of children in their communities

Join the movement 

to make sure every child grows up in a safe and loving family

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